Text-to-Speech Synthesizer

Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesizer is a technology that can be used when an application needs to give a natural sounding synthesized voice for dynamic information read-out like e-mails, and where full digital recordings is not appropriate.

Our Indian TTS has been customized to the Indian English accent for a natural sounding audible response with the proper nouns being articulated clearly.

Product Features:

  • Multiple channel synthesis capabilities. Supports from one to hundreds of simultaneous usable TTS channels.
  • Gives the option to set different parameters of the TTS Engine like pitch, speaking rate, volume etc. All the parameters could be dynamically configurable during run time to give the best quality output.
  • Vocabulary size of more than 100,000 words.
  • Voice Quality is 1.8000 Hz/16bit PCM output speech for Telephony Applications. 2.11025 Hz/16bit PCM High Quality output speech for Desktop Applications.
  • Accepts inputs in the form of raw text data, HTML text, URLs, Acronyms such as ASAP, :-), etc.
  • Output could be obtained as a buffer or written to a file or redirected to an audio device
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